Port Holes to Winches

  Air Compressors:    
Brand name Description Price Picture
Worthington 96 cfm, 90 psi   Worthington, air pump only,  two cylinder, single stage, .(ics)
Ingersol Rand Model T5 B, 250 cfm @ 125 PSI to 175 PSI,  3 cylinder, two stage,  75 hp, 240/480V, 3 ph motor,   belt  driven, skid mounted.  Qualified Motor, reconditioned air end.(iw) SOLD
Atlas Copco Model BT6, 295 cfm, 125 psi, V-4 cyl, two stage, air cooled, 75 hp, electric 220/440V, 3 ph, belt drive, skid mounted,  reconditioned, no motor starter or air receiver. 1975 ? (iw)
Worthington Three cylinder, two stage air pump only, no power. Rail road compressor,  size 7/7/6x5 ,   75 hp needed. (ics)
Ingersoll-Rand Type 30 71T2 w/ Wisconsin 2 cyl. air cooled engine, belt driven, electric start, skid mtd, "typical of mobile tire repair trucks" 45 cfm  good condition (ics).
Start air compressor 250psi, 20cfm  Mod. A DD 1008 w/ 1 cyl. Wisconsin AHH gas engine clutched and a 7.5hp electric motor, 3 phase, belt driven, skid mounted, (ics).
Worthington Start air compressor, Worthington 2 cylinder, water cooled, 600psi, 114cfm free air, not powered,, for 1943 Cleveland Diesel engine,  good condition, (iwcs)
DeVilbiss Shop air, Mod. 445, 175psi, xx cfm,10hp elec. 3 phase, mtd on 80 gal horiz tank, needs belt guard, not yet tested, (oc)
Natural Gas Compressor Natural Gas Comp.. 3600 psi, single 40 hp electric motor , 3 phase, 60hz, twin Ingersoll Rand compressor pumps, skidded with standard controls, used, good condition.
Shop air, Mod. 30RS 110psi, 100 cfm, 30hp, 3ph motors. rotary vane type compressors, used, not mounted on an air receiver tank, qty.2 ea. (oc)
$2,500 ea.



Item Description Price Picture
Anchor 10 lb. Stockless style, Zurn M1020, in Used, good condition. SOLD

20 lb. Fabricated, Sea Plane style, light weight construction style, 32" long shank, 28" wide tip to tip, $60.

Anchor 30lb, cast and fabricated, Danforth style, galvanized, 34" long shank, 28" wide, Used, in good condition. (dk) $90 SOLD
Anchor 35 lb cast and fabricated, Stockless style, galvanized, 30" long shank, 14" wide, Used, in good condition. (dk) $105 SOLD  
Anchor 100 lb Danforth brand, model MARK II M, galvanized, 55" long by 40" wide, in Used /good condition. (ms) $225. SOLD  
Anchor 120 lb. Northill, Sea Plane style, light weight, galvanized steel, 42" shank, 34" tip to tip, used, good condition. $300
Anchor 130 lb. Kedge style, fabricated, new imported from India, qty 3, 1.53# SOLD
Anchor 750 lb Stockless style, no brand, China, 48" long by 33" wide, with connecting link, chain swivel and several feet of chain, used, in fair condition. Still functional as anchor or decoration. (ms) SOLD  
Anchor 1200 lb. Danforth style, used, very worn, decor only, 77" long shank by 63" wide stock, 46" flukes. .62# (ms) $750  
Anchor 2000 lb. Danforth style, used, worn, decor only qty 3 ea, 104" long shank by 83" wide stock. 58" flukes .50# (dk) SOLD  
Anchor 3000 lb. Danforth style, used, worn, decor only, qty 4ea. 2 like pairs, 110" long shank, 84" wide stock, 67" flukes. other pair are 105"x90"x 61". 50# (ms) (1 SOLD 6-2023) $1500 ea  
Any questions, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258


  Antiques & Decor, marine and industrial:    
Item Description Price Picture
Old Hemp Dock Fenders or "Bumpers",  24" diameter by 36" long, surplus / new,  authentic. (iu)   Qty 6 ea.   $300 ea  
Old Bird dogs, Log Rafting dogs:   cable to log connecting hardware for tieing log rafts together. Unique to North West log rafting and timber harvest. 3 sizes: 8",9 "& 15" (ows)   $5 to $15 ea.
New Brass table decorations: Lobster, Crab and Kedge Anchor sizes 6" and 9", import $30 to $60
Old Cargo hatch covers,  wood planks bound w/steel strap on each end and handle cove,  authentic,  rectangular and square shapes, good for benches, tables etc. SOLD.
Chain, 1/2" to 3 " dia. in Coil, Long Link & Stud Link styles, some heavily eroded and some minor rust. Also some very old Wrought Iron anchor chain.
$2 to $30 per foot See Buoys and Chain below for more details about sizes and lengths.
Chain Falls / Chain Hoists, 8 and 10 ton capacity, awsome industrial decor, have 2ea. (is)

Crane Blocks, 30" cheeks, 2,3,and 4 sheaves, and Logging Blocks, snatch type singles, 12", 14" and 18" sheaves .

$250 to $400 See Blocks and Pulleys for details
Old Diesel engine parts from Big old Atlas, EMD, Enterprise, Union and Washington engines used in Tug Boats and Ferries, etc, Crankshafts, Con Rods, Pistons, Etc. $200 to $1000 Please call for details until I can make a good wed site entry for them.
Replica Gimbal lanterns, kerosene burning, polished brass, import replicas (is)   $150 ea.
Old Propellers, bronze, 3 blade, some worn or dinged up, others like new. 14" to 55" diameter, up to 700lbs are listed in "Propellers) (is) $36- $2,500  See Propellers for details.
Old Rope Blocks / Pulleys, with wood or steel cheeks, single, double and triple sheaves, in many sizes, 5"to 14" cheeks, and many types of hardware fittings, some new old stock and some well used and well weathered. $20 to $250

Old Rope, Manila and Synthetic Blends, mostly 3 strand, from 1 1/4" dia to 3" dia, mostly old hawsers and mooring lines. Some very worn. $1 to $2 per foot Also see Rope for details.
Old Rope Rigging pieces, specialty slings and nets. Mostly 1" dia and larger. Please call for details. Currently dont have a good list of items here. $  
Old Steel Cable / Wire Rope slings with spliced eyes, several sizes and lengths, Please call for details or let us know what you are looking for. $  
Old Winches and Windlass / Capstan combinations. Please call if this interests you, we will send pictures and info of items we have on hand. $800 to $3,800 See Winches , Capstans for more details
Garden Art Old steel hardware and rigging: shackles, blocks, hooks, and machinery too. good for interior or exterior Decor , Garden Art and Garage Art, small to large. $1.50 per lb.



Item Description Price Picture

Unique item

     Old Life Boat


59 person life boat. 28' long with 9' beam and 4' gunnels.    Riveted galvanized steel skin, benches and water tanks inside, from Alaska Ferries Juneau, Qty 1  (ofdk) SOLD  
Alum Work Boat 13 foot flat bottom alum work boat. 11ft 4 in at bottom. Beam is 6 ft 4 in at gunwales and 4ft 4 in at floor. Sides are 31 in tall. Weighs about 800 lbs. Has 3 built in flotation tanks that form seats or work space. Do not have an outboard motor to go with it. (ofdk) SOLD  
Any questions, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258


Brand name Description Price Picture
Williams & Davis Vertical tubeless Package Boiler,   Size 30,  Model 170,  150 PSI,  10 GPH Oil burning,  Williams & Davis,  built Sept. 1974,   old but good condition, getting weathered, w/ expansion tank,   ASME # 543,   Heating surface   96,   $2,500.
Ajax Boiler & Heating Co. 480,000 BTU   Gas or Oil, Max. WP  15 PSI, Ajax Boiler & Heating Co.  Model SFOX-600  S/N 72-26323,   BTU     input  600,000,  Qty. 2   $1,500. sold ,
Burnham Industrial Boiliers Natural gas fired 3 pass heating boiliers, model 4FW-209-40-G-PH, 30 psi water pressure, gross output 52.2 BHP, 1749 MBH, working take outs from Seattle School district, were too small for the buildings they were heating. 10' long x 6' tall x 4' wide, Qty. 2 ea. sold  
Any questions, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258

   Top y

  Buoys: Steel    
Item Description Price Picture
Buoy, vinyl Pear shape, 30" dia, Polyform model A5, orange vinyl, Used, good cond. Qty 4 ea SOLD  
Buoy, steel Round shape, 37" diameter -steel ball, Used, Qty. 12ea. SOLD  
Buoy, plastic Cylinder, 47" dia, 44" long, yellow polyethylene, styrofoam filled, steel eye each end. $150  
Buoy, steel Round shape, 40" diameter- steel ball, in very dented /Used condition, weighs x00 lbs. Qty. 1 ea. (ofdk) $250  
Buoy, steel Round shape, 58" diameter, steel ball , in Good /Used condition, has some small dents, weighs about 750 lbs. Qty 1 ea. $500  
Buoy, steel Can buoys,  5' diameter round bottom, tapers to 42" top end,  82" tall, 3/8" construction,  pear shape, weigh approx 1,500 lbs     Qty. 5ea.  (ofdk) $750 ea.
Buoy, steel Can buoys, 6' diameter round bottom end, tapers to 5' diameter top end,  8'10" tall,  3/8" construction,  foam filled,  Pear shape,   approx weight 3,000 lbs. Qty. 2ea. (ofdk) $1,000 ea.
Old Buoy, steel Riveted construction, Pear shape, 7'dia. bottom end, tapers to 2' dia. top end, 13' tall, weighs 3,900 lbs, cool marine decor for yard or building entrance. SOLD
Seaguard 5ft dia.by 10ft long, model 5RF-0589 foam filled black rubber Buoy / Bumper, Used, in good condition. galvanized fittings on each end $600 SOLD  
Floats/Pontoons Retired CNG tanks, composite fiberglass construction, 82"long, 15.5"dia., weigh 120lbs. ea. will support 385lbs. to submerge. 2 hole mounting blocks on each end drilled for 1/2" bolts. Should be painted to seal up loose glass fibers. Qty. 75 $50 ea.

Any questions, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258


  Bumpers and Fendering    
Item Description Price Picture
Fendering Rubber materials Rubber fendering materials:  Square shaped 14"x14"x25' long, and 10"x12"x6' long, some shorter pieces too. Also: A-shaped 20"x24"x4' long.   D-shaped 12"wide x 8" tall, by 14' long, and 10"wide by 17 ft and 11 ft long.(32lbs/ft), Also 16" half round x 18' long   and many other short pieces.    big stuff runs about 40lbs. per foot (of) $0.50 per lb.
Bumper / Buoy Pear shape, 30" dia, Polyform Norway, model A5, orange vinyl, in Good /Used cond. Qty 4 ea (dk) SOLD  
New / Old Hemp Fenders Hemp Rope Braided Dock Fenders or "Bumpers",  24" diameter by 36" long, surplus / new,  authentic. (iu)   Qty 6 ea.   $300 ea  
SeaGuard fenders

5ft dia, by 10ft long, Black rubber exterior, foam filled marine ship fender, model 5RF-0589, in Good /Used condition, Qty 1 ea. (dk) $600

Any questions, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258


Item Description Price Picture
Various lengths of chain in many sizes and types.  Most are between 1/2 in. and 2 1/4 in .diameter. All of it is "used", some of it servicible and some of it is for decor only.
Chain, coil type Lashing chain 1/2"dia. black/rusty Coil chain,  in 20', 38' & 70' lengths, approximately 1000 feet, Used and rusty with some heavy rust pitting, good for decor,  approx 2.5 lbs/ft (of) .80/# $2.00 / ft   
Chain, long link 1/2"dia. black/rusty Long link chain and 5/8" coil chain, used, only a few short lengths are left (of) .65/#, $3.00 per ft $3.00 / ft
Chain, coil type chains slings

3/4"dia. rusty Coil chain, good for decor only, links are 3 3/4" long x 2 5/8' wide, have some chain slings 7ft and 20 ft long with grab hooks and rings, 4.5 lbs/ft, $3.00 per ft

Chain, anchor type

3/4"dia. Stud link anchor chain, 90 foot shots, in good/used condition, was galvanized, mostly gone now. Links measure 4 1/2" x 2 5/8 ", weighs about 6 lbs per foot, approx. 540 lbs per shot. .45/#, can be cut in shorter lengths, $30 cutting fee (ms) $248 per shot

Landscape and Decoration 3/4" dia. Stud link anchor chain in short pieces, some 4 and 5 ft lengths heavily rusted, some others are longer. good landsacape decor or metal art materials. $5.00 / ft  
Landscape and Decoration 1" dia. Stud link anchor chain, 90 feet long, heavily pitted, links measure 6" long by 3 1/2" wide, studs are square. weighs 780 lbs. $5.00 per ft. $450  
Chain, anchor type 1"dia.Stud link anchor chain, 90 foot shots, links measure 6" x 3 1/2" , in good /used condition, weighs approx. 900 lbs per shot, .42/#, Fred Devine (dk) $385.per shot SOLD OUT  
Landscape and Decoration 1" dia. Di-Lok chain, worn to about 7/8" on ends and heavily pitted. 90 feet long,Links measure about 6" long and 3 1/2" wide, weighs 900 lbs ea. .45# $5.00 per ft. $450.00. (Quigg) Just 1 shot left.


Chain, anchor type 1 1/8" dia.Baldt Di-Lok anchor chain, 19 ft long, links measure 6 3/4" x 4", piece weighs approx 270 lbs, in good / used condition, .46/#, $6.60 / ft SOLD  
Chain, buoy mooring type 1 3/16" dia. Buoy mooring chain, 1ea. 30 ft length, 1 ea. 60 ft length. links measure 7 3/8" x 4 1/2", in good/ used condition, 11 lbs/ft, .41/# (dk) SOLD  
Chain, Long Link 1 3/16 " dia. Long Link chain, Links measure 9 5/8" x 4 3/4 " ovals, worn and rust pitted, good for landscaping , decor, Rat Rod bumpers, etc. weighs about 12.6 lbs/ft, many pieces, 10ft to 40 ft long .54/# $6.90 / ft  
Landscape and Decoration 1 3/16" dia. Stud link, old anchor chain, 20 ft long, links measure 7 1/4" x 4 1/2" , very eroded and missing 2 studs, Weighs 194 lbs $138  
Landscape and Decoration

1 1/4"dia. Stud link, old anchor chain with heavy rust scale, links measure approx 7 1/2" x 4 1/4" and weighs about 15 lbs per foot, available in many lenghts from 3 ft to 90 ft lengths, good for landscaping and marine decor uses. .46/# (dk)

$7.00 / ft  
Landscape and Decoration 1 3/8" dia. Stud link, old anchor chain, 92 ft long, links measure 9" long x 5" wide, 1,600 lbs.. (ms) $800  
Chain, anchor type 1 3/8" dia. Baldt Di-Lok anchor chain, 90 ft long, links measure 8.25" x 5", in good /used condition, Shot weighs about 1,580 lbs, .45/#, Fairhaven, (dk) SOLD  
Chain, anchor type 1 1/2"dia. Di-Lok anchor chain, 90 ft long, (actually 1 5/8" chain worn to 1 1/2" ) links measure 9 5/8" x 5 7/8', some in fair/used condition and some more worn and pitted. Shot weighs around 2,132 lbs. .32/#, Fairhaven (dk) $675/shot SOLD OUT  
Chain, buoy mooring type 1 1/2" dia. Lister Buoy Mooring chain, 90 ft long, links measure 8 7/8" x 5 3/4" , good used, Shot weighs about 1,705 lbs, .45/#, Fairhaven 912, (dk) $775 SOLD OUT  
Chain, anchor type 1 5/8" Baldt Di-Lok anchor chain, 50 ft long, USN marked, in very good / used cond, links measure 9 3/4" long and 5 7/8" wide, 1 7/8" opening, weighs approx. 25lbs/ft, $11.25 / ft, .45/# $560 SOLD OUT
Chain, anchor type 1 5/8" Baldt Di-Lok anchor chain 90 ft long, in fair/used cond. links measure 9 3/4" long and 5 7/8" wide, weighs about 2,200 lbs, .35/#, Fairhaven 918, (dk) SOLD OUT  
Chain, buoy mooring type 1 7/8" dia Lister Buoy Mooring chain, 27 ft long, links measure 11 1/4" x 6 5/8", piece weighs about 800 lbs, in good / used condition, (dk) There are also 2 ea. 12 foot pieces 351 lbs. ea. .38/#, $14.00 per ft. Fairhaven 913 SOLD OUT  
Chain, anchor type 2" dia NTC forged stud link anchor chain, 23 ft long, links measure 12" x 7", piece weighs about 800 lbs, very rusted and pitted. decoration only. .45# $360  
Wrought Iron / Blacksmithing 2" dia. Stud link, old "wrought iron" Baldt chain, every other link is forged steel, 102 ft long, square stud, some pitting, 37.5 lbs/ft, links measure 12" long x 7" wide, PA, (dk) .75# SOLD  
Wrought Iron / Blacksmithing 2 1/8" dia. Stud link"Wrought Iron" square stud, old and slightly eroded in lines like wood grain, good for blacksmith work.Cut into links for ease of working with. Each link weighs about 31lbs, 1/2 link $35, 1 link $55, 2 links $105,


Chain, anchor type

2 1/8" dia. NACO, forged stud link style chain, 60 ft long, links measure 12 3/4" x 7 1/2" wide. in good/used condition, weighs 40.8 lbs/ft, Cost is $16.00/ft

Chain, anchor type

2 1/4" dia. NACO forged stud link style chain, 47' and a similar long pieces, links measure 13 1/2" x 7 3/4", used condition, Price is $16.00/ft, .35/#


Chain, anchor type 2 1/4" dia. Old stud link anchor chain, 50 ft, missing a few studs, heavily rust pitted, weighs 43.7 lbs/ft, Price is $16.00/ft, .35/#, good for art or decor. $800 SOLD  
Chain, anchor type 2 1/4" dia. China Stud link chain, 1 ea 45 ft length, in New-Unused condition, links measure 13 3/4" long x 8" wide, 45' piece has 59 links, weighs 2,325 lbs. .50# (dk) SOLD  
Big Chain, anchor type, short piece 2 3/4" dia.Stud link chain, 1ea 15.5 ft length, Used cond, weighs approx. 69lbs/ft., links are 16.5" long x 10" wide, Weigh 62 lbs each link, Price is $35.50/ft. Can be cut into shorter pieces for $75 per cut. An individual link would cost $140. SOLD
Big Chain, anchor type 2 3/4" dia. Stud link chain, 1ea 37 ft length, Used, was part of a towing bridle set up, weighs approx 69 lbs per foot / 3,000lbs total. Price is $27.38 / ft, .39/# SOLD  

Really Big Landscape Chain

3" dia. Stud link chain, 44 ft long, total of 44 links, each link weighs approx 85lbs, links are 18" long and 10.75 " wide,. can be cut into shorter pieces for $75 per cut, takes about an hour for us to cut. weighs 3,740 lbs, price is $30.00/ ft .35/# (dk) SOLD  



Short Chains 2.5' to 15' lengths of 1 1/4",1 1/2", 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4", 2 3/4" sizes, call for details, priced $7- $25/ft SOLD  
Tow plates, swivels, stoppers and other chain hardware look under:Marine Deck Hardware.
Coatings & Lubes:
Chain and Anchor Paint Black Asphalt Varnish / Chain Paint, by the drum $250/drum quantities. Fed. Spec.TT-V-51 AMEND.2, Mineral Spirits solvent based. dries hard. military surplus. $5 per gallon
Cosmoline/Tectyl Brown, wax based, soft temporary preservative coating for corrosion protection on steel or alum. engine parts, chain, etc. Weathers away in a couple years outdoors. MIL-C-16173A AM.2, Grade 2, no 1 gal cans left, just 10 gal mini drums, military surplus SOLD OUT
Black Cosmoline Harder black preservative coating for corrosion protection on steel or alum. engine parts, etc. asphalt based, very durable and difficult to remove. Same mil# as above except Grade 1, in 10 gal mini drums. SOLD OUT  
Greases Chevron #2 pinion grease, open gear lube for winches and like equipment. Must be heated to apply or pour. 5 gal. pails $10 ea.  
LPS-1 LPS-1 light penetrating oil, by the drum $200, by the 5 or 1 gallon can, $5/gal. SOLD OUT
Hydraulic oil

Bray Oil Co. Spec. MIL-11-6083B, type I, Petro Base, Red Hydraulic Fluid in 1 gal. steel cans, military surplus, used as a system preservative fluid or for hydraulic systems operating in arctic condions.

$2 per gal.


  Davits and Hoist :    
Item Description Price Picture
Small Davits 108" long boom on a 30" riser, approx 9' reach, base is 5" dia shaft 38" long then a 12" dia gear. No brand or capacity info, orig. had 115v DC starter motor type winches. qty. 3ea. $200ea.  
Large Davit 15ft long boom on a 38" tall pedistal, approx 12ft reach, base is a 22" dia. flange 1" thick w/ 16ea. 1" bolt holes for mounting to deck. 11ft hook to deck. Hand crank winch and swing 360 deg. max work load 4,720lbs, 55ft of 9/16" wire rope, made by Schat-Marine Safety Corp. model SRR 365/21, weigh 2,400 lbs , qty. 1 ea. $1,400ea.
Powered Large Davit 11.5 ft long boom on a 58" tall pedistal, approx 10 ft reach, base is 32" diameter flange bolt down. SWL 490 lbs, 120 ft of 7/16" wire rope, electric / hydraulic motors are missing, from WSF Nisqually, Made by Welin-Lambie Ltd, model SARB1.0F, weighs 1,800 lbs, qty. 1 ea. (ofdk) $2,800 SOLD  
Air Tuggers Please see the Winches section for small hand and air powered winches    
Overhead Hoist 1 ton, 2 part 5/16" cable type, approx 12ft lift, air powered, Detroit Hoist, hook mount $300  
Overhead Hoist 1 ton, 2 part coil chain , approx 16ft lift, air powered , Gardner-Denver, hook mount $400  
Overhead Hoist 1 ton, sinlgle part, link chain, approx 7ft lift, 1ea. 220v / 1ea. 440v, Budgit Hoist, hook mt SOLD  
Overhead Hoist 1 ton, single part, coil chain, approx 10ft lift, 3 phase elec, 7ft elec controls, Dayton, hook mt SOLD  
Overhead Hoist 1 ton, coil chain , approx 10ft lift, 3 phase elec, mounted on powered trolly, SpeedMaster $500  
Overhead Hoist 1 ton, 2 part, cable, approx 12ft lift, 3 phase elec, has mount for a trolly, Robbins&Meyers $500  
Chain Hoist 6 ton, hand operated chain Come-Along, lever type, approx 5ft lift, CM Puller brand $400  
Overhead Hoist 8 ton, hand operated Chain Fall, 3 part coil chain, approx 12ft lift, Yale brand, used $800  
Overhead Hoist 10 ton, hand operated Chain Fall, 4 part coil chain, approx 10ft lift, Yale brand, used $900  
Trollys Miscellaneous used 4 wheel I Beam trollys for overhead hoists, several sizes on hand $50 to $300  
Any questions, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258


  Doors & Hatches: water tight    
Item Description Price Picture
Hatch, new Steel 30"x60" hatch, with 14 stainless steel latch bolts, raised 6" tall coaming, 1/4" steel construction, 30lbs test pressure, made by Heintz Mfg. approx 100 lb lift to open the hatch, New/Surplus, 1 ea.(dk) SOLD
Hatch, new Steel 30"x36" hatch, with 6 stainless steel latch bolts, raised 11" tall coaming, 1/8" steel construction, looks like Heintz Mfg built it, New/Surplus, 1 ea.   (dk) SOLD 
Hatch only 1ea. 30"x30" hatch only, no frame, outside masures 31"x31". 10 ears, for latch bolts, galvanized 1/8" steel, Used condition.      (of) $100
Hatch only 1ea. 24"x24" hatch only, no frame. Hand wheel operated 4 dog lock mechinisim, spring on hinge, Used, needs both handles repaired(of)   $100 
Water tight door 1ea. 30"x66" opening, outside measures 32"x68". 6 lever dogs in door, 1/8" and 1/4" steel, New/surplus, frame is 52"x88" field of 5/16" steel. (dk) SOLD

Water tighe door 1 ea 26"x66" opening, LH door, single lever quick acting with 10 dogs, 0.120 panel thickness, New in crate from Juniper Industries, p/n JE268-DQ-23, weighs 480lbs (dk) $2,000 SOLD
Water tight door 1 ea 25 3/4" by 57 3/4" opening, outside measures 35 1/2" by 66" , has 8 dogs, single acting lever on each side of door. Most of door is in good condition but some areas of the rolled outside edge where the gasket resides have rusted through. needs a gasket, Used, Weighs xxx lbs SOLD


Water tight doors 2ea. 26"x48" opening, outside measures 28"x50", 2 lever dogs in door, galvanized 3/16" steel , 36"x64" steel frame around. Used condition, one needs frame work on locking side. (of) $250 each
Parts and pieces
Other loose doors or frames only and lever dogs, please call or e-mail us.


Brand Name Description Price Picture
G&W Electric Oil fuse Cutouts, G&W Electric , Model FC - 61, 15 kV,  100 Amp  NEW,  Qty 3(iw) $250ea  
Westinghouse 10 HP 115 VDC, controller, marked "anchor winch", very clean inside. (ics) $400  
Cutler Hammer 25 HP 230 VDC controller, reversing for cargo winch,  shunt field series field,  NEW (ics)   $2000  
Cutler Hammer 40 HP 440V 3-phase 30 Amp, Reversing Controllers ,mine sweep takeoff,  Qty 4 (op) $1,500ea  
Ward Leonard ele 40 HP 115 VDC motor controller, 25 kW 440V 40A generator control, MG controller,   Qty. 2 (op) $2,000ea  
Westinghouse 65-130 HP 440V 3-phase. 60 HZ, motor controller, Class 6865  Spec. 17C10, SN 7Y1341 (op) SOLD  
H.A.S. Mfg.  Rotary Phase Converter H.A.S manufacturing 230V single phase input 230V 3 phase out, max single load is 7.5 hp motor, 20 hp max for the unit. used, good condition (iwcm) SOLD

Power Dist. Cab. Power Distribution service cabinet, weather proof.    
  1-400 Amp 480V 3 pole, 3 wire, Inlet connector    
  1-200 Amp 480V 3 pole, 3 wire Connector outlet    
  3-60 Amp 480V 3 pole, 3 wire, connector outlet    
  all with manual disconnects and breakers    
Light Poles-alum Used, highway Street Light poles, 28 feet long, aluminum, with a Tee at top, 7.5" dia at base and 4.5" dia at top. bases are damaged, (dk) just.2 left, $300 SOLD
Light Poles-steel Used, highway Street Light poles, 31 and 34 feet long, galvanized steel, qty 1 ea hex & 3 round. 10 " dia at base and 5" dia at top (ofdk) $150 SOLD  
Light Poles - steel Used, Parking Lot Light poles, 20 feet long, painted steel tube, 4 " square, 3/4" thick base flange 9 1/2" sq, has pre wired 20" by 25" box light fixture on a 12" horiz arm. 70 watt HP Sodium fixture can easily be converted to LED bulb if desired, qty 4 ea (dk), $400 SOLD  
Lights Spot Lights for outside yard lighting - old light tower fixtures $50  
Lights Marine type, corridor and bulkhead light fixtures for ship passages, brass housing & guard SOLD SOLD
Lights Miscellaneous other surplus fixtures SOLD  
Any questions, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258


Brand Name Description Price Picture
Acme Acme transformer, 30 KVA, HZ 60, 3 Phase, weight 343lbs, style G, Cat No. T-1-53312-3, primary 480V Delta W/taps - secondary     208y/120 Volt , Used, (opdk) SOLD  
Ajax  Step down transformer, 30 KVA,  3 ph, 230/460V - 275/159,  Ajax   NEW (ics) $500  
Allis Chalmers Lighting transformer, 37.5 KVA,  460 - 117,  single phase,  ,  Qty 3 (is) $600ea  
International Transformer Company Step down transformer,  25 KVA 1 ph., 240/480-120/240, International Transformer Company,  Qty. 2  NEW (ics)   SOLD  
ITE electrical Lighting transformer,  15 KVA   1 ph. ,  480 - 120/240,  ITE electrical (ics) $300   
Tierney Air cooled transformer, KVA 45, 3 phase, 480V - 208y/120, cycles 60, weight 990lbs, Cat. No.     AC345_8T18H65.WP, not yet electrically tested SOLD
Any questions, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258


  Electric Motors  AC    
Brand Name Description Price Picture
Misc. prices are for standard motors,  specials have different pricing
  Single Phase AC Motors    
Misc. We have 15 or so fractional HP, single phase motors. $20 ea.  
Wagner 2 HP 220V 1 phase.  3450 RPM, Frame L56C Wagner  (is37, 22B) $125   
Dayton  2 HP 115/220V 1 phase.  3450 RPM, Frame 56C Dayton   (is38, 22C) $125  
Steelman Industries H-A-S Rotary Phase Converter, 230volt input, single phase, 230volt output 3 phase, No load amps 9.5, Max HP largest motor is 7.5, Max total system is 20 hp, serial # 88074, mod R7 5/20-230HD, Design F, 1988, used in good condition (iwcm) SOLD

  3 Phase AC Motors    
Misc. 3 phase motors, 1/2 to 5 HP $20 per HP  $15-100  
Misc. 3 phase motors, 7 to 15 HP $18 per HP  $80-350  
Misc, 3 phase motors,   20 HP and up $15 per HP  
3 phase below here,   many are special frame or applications
Reliance 3/4 HP 440V,1.3A, 1155 RPM, frame 182, I EEE 45 ship board elec. TENV qty 14 $125  
GE 2 HP 440V  3400 RPM, frame  224, GE , Sharples purifier motor (is26, 13D) $600  
Crocker Wheeler 2 HP 220/440V  3450 RPM, frame ASP 224,  Crocker Wheeler (is27, 14D)   $75  
Linestart 2 HP 220/440V  3450 RPM, frame  224,  Linestart (is28, 14D) $75  
Electric Specialty 2 1/2 HP, 220/440V, 1800 RPM, Type BLS 4550, Syncronous, Electric Specialty(is36)   $75   
Fairbanks Morse 3 HP 220/440V,  3450 RPM, Vertical Shaft , frame NS224BV, (is34, 21D) $100   
GE w/ Stearns 3 HP 220/440V, 1670 RPM, frame 184, GE w/ Stearns electric brake , Model HT 72-9,  Qty. 2 (is34A,B 24D) $200  
Allis Chambers 3 HP 208 3 ph.  690 RPM,   frame 324,   Allis Chambers (is51A, 60A) $300  
Allis Chambers 5 HP 208 3 ph. 860 RPM, frame 324,  Allis Chambers (is51B, 60A) $400   
G.E. 5 HP 1200 RPM 440V type KT180, old style motor G.E. (is34, 18D) sold  
  5 HP 220/440V 750 RPM Frame (is05, 59D) $400  
Wagner 7.5 HP 220/440V  1750 RPM, frame 254V  Wagner (is45, 60B) $350   
Reliance 10 HP 440V  1100 RPM, frame  C405, Reliance (is24, 34D) $500   
GE 10 HP 440V  1750 RPM, frame  324, GE  (is50, 60A) $350   
GE 15 HP 440V  745RPM, frame  326, GE (is25, 19D) $750   
Electro Dynamic 15 HP 220/440V  1750 RPM, frame  284U, Electro Dynamic (is29, 16D) $750   
Fairbanks Morse 15 HP 220/440V  875 RPM, frame  RS365, Fairbanks Morse (is32, 17D) $750   
Electro Dynamics 15 HP230/460V, 1740 RPM, frame 284U, Electro Dynamics (is42, 60D) $750   
  15 HP 220/440  1750 RPM  sleeve bearing (ics) $750   
GE 20HP 440V,  1750RPM, GE, frame 364 (is06, 34D)   $800   
Wagner 25HP 440V,  1750RPM Wagner , Frame 405,  Qty 2 (is07, 29D) $850    
US motor 25 HP 220/440V,  1500 RPM, US motor, Vertical Shaft pump style motor,  frame 404-4 (is21, 36D) $850   
US Motor uniclosed 25HP 208,220,240V  1200RPM, frame 364U, US Motor uniclosed (is30, 16D) $900   
US Motor 30 HP 220/440V, 1750 RPM, frame 326U,  US Motor (is39, 59D)   $900   
US Electric 30 HP 220/440V, 1750 RPM, frame 256T,  US Electric (is40, 59D) $900   
Any questions, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258


  Electric Motors  AC (continued)    
Brand Name Description Price Picture
Westinghouse 30/7.5 HP 1800 / 450 RPM  2 speed, 440V 38/16 Amp 3ph, Westinghouse Vertical $  
  Frame S445, SN 16-1B9260, Navy spec. 17M10A (op08)   $2,500  
Continental Electric 40 HP 220/440V, 1750RPM, Continental Electric (is31, 17D) $1,000  
Lincoln  40 HP, 230/460V, 3515 RPM, frame 286TS, Lincoln  (is43, 60C) $1,000   
US Motors 40 HP, 230/460V, 3600 RPM, frame 365, US Motors (is44, 60D) $1,000  
Louis Allis 50 HP 220/440V, 1180 RPM, Louis Allis,  Frame 504 (is09, 14D) $1,500  
  50 HP 440V, 1175 RPM,   Drip proof Energy Efficient. Frame 365T $  
Reliance Contactor & box mounted Reliance,Qty 2 (isdk10) $2,000   
Reliance 50 HP 230/460V 1750 RPM, frame 326T, Reliance,    Qty.  2 (is41A,B, 60C) $1,000   
Westinghouse 60 HP 460V , 1750 RPM,  TEFC , frame MACF364TS (is11, 35D) $1,000   
Louis Allis 75HP 220/440V, 1750 RPM, TEFC, Frame 444US (is12, 59E)   $1,500  
Fairbanks Morse 75HP 220/440V, 498 RPM, Frame SF686,(ofdk13) SOLD  
US MOTOR 75HP 230/460V 1775 RPM, Vertical Shaft, Frame A4444UP, uniclosed, Type RV, Design B $  
  Code F, Model s.f.1.0,  SN C1002255, Thermally protected,  one without angle drive, (opdk14)    $3,000   
  One with angle drive with aux. drive to pump, Angle drive:  Johnson Gear & Mfg. Co. mod SD 90, SN 43631, ratio 1:1, 70BHP@1160, 2" shaft in and out. $4,000
GE 130 HP  440V, 1100 /1800 RPM, GE   NEW in crate Qty.  2 (op16,17)  SOLD
Reliance 150HP 440V, 3555 RPM, drip proof, Frame CA505S ,design B , cont. duty  SOLD
Fairbanks Morse 150HP 440V, 705 RPM,  frame RS684,  Fairbanks Morse, triple drum winch drive(op23) $6,000  
GE 200HP 440V, 705 RPM, 3-phase GE SOLD
Reliance 200HP 575V 194A , 1190 RPM, Frame 507U, type BAO, Ball bearing,  Reliance, (opdk19) SOLD  
GE 250HP, 440V, 3 phase, 60 cycle, 705RPM, FL Amps 369, GE Slip Ring Motor, Type MA Fame6336 SOLD  
  Time rating 1 hr., Semci Factor 1.0 Code, Sec volts 281, sec Amp 400, AISE Frame size AC 50    
  Model 5MA6336FAF1, Ser# AC8359636, double ended w/ brake drum SOLD  
Westinghouse 400HP 460V, 600 RPM, 467 amp., Model CW SN:1976816A, S.F.1.15, Sec Volt 725, sleavebearing Westinghouse SOLD  
Westinghouse 400HP 2200V, 1188 RPM, Frame 32C,  drip proof, Sleeve bearing,    SOLD  
P.O.R = Price On Request, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258


  Electric motor "Vari Drive" variable speed        
Brand Name Description Price Picture
US Electric Motors 1.5 HP  220/440V,  11-56 RPM   Horizontal config.  US Electric Motors(is01, 28D) $300
Reliance   1 1/2 - 3 HP,  220 V,  2 speed motor  1725/855,  140-280 RPM or 70-140, size 3W22-V1G-18\9, vertical w/Right angle shaft output, (is3, 24D)
US Motors 2 HP  220/440V,  390-770 RPM,  frame  22-252-20  Horizontal config.(is02, 28D) $500 
US Motor varidrive 3 HP 220/440V  41- 125 RPM,  frame 23-213-30,  horizontal config. ,  US Motor varidrive(is5, 22D) $600
Louis Allis 10 HP 230/460V  93-280  RPM,  frame 30-215T-313A,  vertical config.,   Louis Allis    (is4, 23D) $800
   30 HP GE 600 rpm, $
P.O.R = Price On Request, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258


  Electric Motors  DC    
Brand Name Description Price Picture
DC Up to 5 HP $100/HP  
DC Over 5 $75/HP  
DC Over 10 HP $60/HP  
GE 1/6 HP 230VDC 1140  GE ,  frame 56,(isdk70, 20C) $50   
GE  GE model 5BCC56ED8C 1/2 HP, 115VDC, 1725 RPM, A 4.17 / 0.695F    continous duty, 40 deg. rise, Shunt wound, frame 56, GEJ 4360, Stk No. D-107   Qty 9, 20C) $90 ea  
Baldor 3/4 HP, 115VDC 1750 Baldor some new some used Qty. 7, 4 lead shunt 6 lead compound. $200 ea  
GE 1 HP, 230VDC, 1750RPM, frame 203, GE, (is73, 21D) $300  
Louis Allis 1 HP, 230VDC,3.85 Amp, 1750RPM, frame 225, marine motor, compound winding, (is #78, 13D) $300   
Electric Machinery 1 HP, 230VDC 1150RPM, Electric Machinery ,(is76, 22D) $350  
Baldor  1 1/2 HP, 120VDC 1750 RPM Baldor  (isdk53)    Qty 2 $250 ea  
GE 1 1/2 HP, 115VDC 1750 RPM GE ,  frame ?? DeLaval purifier, (is69, 16D) $2000   
GE centrifuge 1 1/2 HP, 110VDC, 12.8Amp, 3450 RPM, Stab shunt, model 5B204A729 (is #66, 22D) $250   
Electro Dynamic Electric Boat Co 2 HP, 230VDC, 8.4Amps, 1200 RPM, frame D-225, shund stab wound, (is #62, 28D)   $250 ea.  
Electro Dynamic Electric Boat Co 2 HP, 115VDC, 18.5Amp, 350 RPM Steering Motor Frame D-285, compound wound,  double end drive, brake on one end,  Mfg 1944, New / Surplus,  (is #67A, 15D,, $3,000 ea.  
Electro Dynamic Electric Boat Co 2 HP, 115VDC, Same as above, , s/n 2918, Mfg post WWII, in good used condition, includes brake assy on one end, (#67D, 18D) $  
Electro Dynamic Electric Boat Co 2 HP,115VDC, Same as above , s/n 2570, Mfg post WWII, in used condition, not yet inspected or tested closely. (#67E, 35D) $  
GE 2 HP, 230VDC, 8.8Amps, 1750RPM, Model 5CD215E354, Enclosed DFFG, 1 hr Varing Duty, shunt wound, (is #75)   $800  
Century Electric 3 HP, 115VDC, 23.6 Amps, 1300 RPM, Frame 334, Model T-7162, Type DN, Marine Duty, continuous, shunt stab wound, Used, Qty 2 ea (is #68A and #68B) $800 ea  
GE 5 HP, 230VDC,19.6Amp, 1750 RPM, frame 254, /type B, stab shunt, 1943 marine motor,  semi enclosed, cont duty, (is #74, 22D) $800   
  7.5 HP, 120VDC 1750 RPM,type SK, frame 43, stab wound, SN:90-3B4309  $ SOLD  
Westinghouse 7.5 HP, 120VDC, 57AMP, 1750 RPM Westinghouse frame 43, Type SK Marine stab sh Ser # 90-3B4309 Westinghouse(is) $100  
  10 HP, 240 VDC, 1200 RPM, 38 amps, Type 3 BH DC, Frame BHDP, Arm 110, SN:73920, SOLD  
Crocker Wheeler 10 HP, 240 VDC, 38 AMP, 1200RPM, Crocker Wheeler Frame BHDP, Type 8BH Ser #73920 ARM 110 Volt  SOLD  
Allis Chalmers 

15 HP, 120VDC, 110 Amp, 650 RPM, series WB, Type EB-96, base mounted, U.S. Navy, (is #61A & #61B, 36D)

$900 ea  
  25 HP, 240VDC, 89AMP, 1800 RPM, GE Frame 83 Type CD, Ser #80712 ARM 220Volt SOLD  
GE 25 HP, 115VDC, 185Amps, 1150 RPM, Frame 93, base mounted, Model 34A734, Compound winding, marine motor, Used  (is#54, 20D). $1,500   

25 HP, 115VDC, 181Amps, 1550 RPM, Frame 77, end mounted, Model 55A622, Compound winding, marine motor 1943, Surplus / New   (is#55, 23D)

  25 HP, 115VDC, 1200 RPM,   (is56) SOLD  
Century Electric 25 HP, 230VDC, 1200 RPM, Stab. Shunt,  W/shaft brake and Controller   (cargo winch)  (is57)



Century Electric 25 HP, 115VDC, 184Amps, 1400/1750 RPM, Frame XX, base mounted, Model DN-375-SNC, Stab Shunt winding, marine motor, Used, (is#72, 22D) $1,500   
Century Electric 25 HP, 240VDC, 97amp, 1750RPM, Century Electric Qty. 2, Fram 37 type DN serial #73918, driving gear box


2,000 w/ gear box ea.

GE 25 HP, 240VDC, 1800 RPM, Frame 83, Arm 220, SN:80712, Type CD DC, GE, rebuilt by Franklin $1,800  
Century Electric 30 HP, 115VDC, 220Amp, 900/1200 RPM, base mounted, Model DN-455-TNC, Spec 7137,   shunt wound, marine motor, U.S.Navy,  (is #58, 16D)   $2,000  
Century Electric 30 HP, 230VDC, 110Amp, 1750 RPM, Frame 375V, Type DN, Marine Duty, U.S.Navy, shunt wound, (is #65, )

Allis Chalmers 35 HP, 1800 RPM, 140 amps, Volts 240 Armater 245 Field, SN:731021, Frame 444-2, Allis Chalmers, Type OGNA     DC, rebuilt by Franklin    $2,000 SOLD  
Allis Chalmers 35HP, 240 VDC, 140Amp, 1800RPM, Allis Frame 4442, Type Ogna, Ser# 731021 ARM225 $ SOLD  
Electro Dynamic Electric Boat Co 60 HP,  230VDC, 450-900 RPM, compound wound,  Frame 25S, SN 216189,   Electro Dynamic Co. NJ (is59) $3,000 SOLD  
GE 100 HP, GE 240 VDC, 600/1200 RPM, 220/75 field volts, 341 amps, Type CD, Frame 1441, SN 78426, $3,500 SOLD
Franklin Rebuilt 125VDC, KW 3, Amp 24, 1750RPM, Duty DPSE Cont 40 deg. celisus, 1943 SEP Exc  $3,500  SOLD  
Any questions, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258


  Electric gear head motor  pic    
Brand Name Description Price Picture
  Small,  Right Angle, 172 RPM,  11" lbs. torque  (is1) $35   
GE 1/4 HP 115/230V,  58RPM, Right Angle GE, 7GF712EN3KP81 (is 2, 30C) $150 ea  
Master 1/4 HP 220V,  48RPM, Right Angle worm drive, frame 5820RW,   ,   3/4" shaft     (is 6, 30C) $150   
Master  1/3 HP 440V  11 RPM, Right Angle, frame  5825RC     (is3, 30C) $150  
Master 1/2 HP 220V  420 RPM, Inline offset,   1" shaft    (is5, 30C) $150   
Ajax motor, Baldor gear 1/2 HP 115/230V,  1 1/3RPM 1200:1, Inline offset, frame 56--5, , .875" shaft     (is 8,     30C) $150  
Master 1/2 HP 220/440V,  300/1750RPM 2 shaft, Inline offset, frame 7418SP,     3/4"motor 1" gear shaft Qty 2          (is13, 29C $150   
Master 1/2 HP 220/440V,  79 RPM, Right angle worm drive, frame 7412 WRW,     (is20A, B, 21D) $150  
Baldor 3/4 HP 208/440V,  ??RPM, Right Angle worm drive double side shaft, frame 56C 513M, 1" shaft    (is     9, 30C)   $150  
Century/Perfection 3/4 HP 208/440V,  146RPM, RA worm drive , frame J56-C, ,  Model VAC9189S   1" shaft  (is10, 30C) $150  
Dayton 3/4 HP 220/440V,  69 RPM Right angle worm, frame F56-C,  1" shaft   (is14, 29C) SOLD  
US Motor 1 HP 440V, 520 RPM, Inline offset,  frame 595-10, 937" shaft     (is4, 30C) $200  
Reliance/Perfection 1 1/2 HP 230/460V,  146RPM, RA worm drive , frame P56-C, ,  Model VC9187S 1" shaft   (is11, 30C) $250  
Dayton  1 HP 230/460V,  45 RPM, Right Angle worm drive , frame 143T-6,   1" shaft   (is15, 29C) $200   
Reliance 1 HP 180VDC,  87 RPM, Right Angle worm drive , frame FE56-C,   (isdk16, 30D) $200   
Electra Motors 1 1/2 HP 220/440V,  144RPM, Right Angle worm drive , frame CM56W-216RL,  (is12) $250   
Syncrogear/Dings dynamics 2 HP 230/460V,  56 RPM, Inline centered w / brake , frame 145T-21,     (is17, 30D) $250   
Stirling system 5 HP 440V,  59 RPM, Inline offset, frame 284,  (is19, 30D) $500   
GE 15 HP 110Volt field, 1200 RPM, frame 83, Type CD DC 240volt 55amp, SN:73919Gearbox: Foote Jones Jeffery Gallion Inc., Model:723XSL SN:IX 97747, input 1150, 7.59  (is) $350  
Any questions, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258



  Electric Generators: generator only, no drive    
Brand Name Description Price Picture

3KW 125V AC, 1200 RPM 3ph.     2 bearing   New    (is76, 29D)

  3KW 125V DC, 24Amp, 1750 RPM, Type AM Frame 610, Model AM 610 A10, Duty DPSE Cont, 40 degree C (dky) $  
GE 5KW, 240V DC,  1200 RPM,    2 bearing, 1944,   Used   (is77, 29D) sold  
Westinghouse 6.3 KVA, 115V AC 1 ph.,  1800 RPM, 2 bearing    (is95, 23D) $500  
Louis-Allis 7.5 KW 440V AC 3ph., 1800 RPM,  2 bearing,   Qty.1, like new (is78,21D) $800  
Louis-Allis 7.5 KW 440V AC 3ph, 1800 RPM, 2 bearing, same as above, (is79, 22D) sold  
Delco 10KW, 120V, DC  1200 RPM, 1 bearing,,  like new     (is80, 28D) $800  
  25KW, 125V DC, 1200 RPM, 1 bearing, ,   (oec pumps) sold  
EM 75 KVA 450V AC 3ph, 1800 RPM, 2 bearing , built in voltage regulator, 25% OL for 2hrs, type BRKT, (iw84) SOLD  
EM 100 KW, 450V, 160A,1200 RPM, single bearing, Brushless exc., Frame 720, 1 bearing      (iw86) fits SAE 0 bell housing, 18 3/8" flex disc SOLD Pic Pic2
Baylor 150 KW, 120/208V, 1800RPM, 60Hz , 3 phase 21" bell. Model M420EAL-006 200 megs. S/N KI-18951     (iw96) SOLD  
EM 500 KW, 277/480V, 1200 RPM, 3ph, 1 bearing, Brushless, Frame 727, (iw92) SOLD pic pic2
Any questions, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258


  Electric Motor Generators
Brand Name Description Price Picture
DIEHL Mfg. Co 150W  30 VDC, 5 amp, 1725 RPM, compound wound, Type ZD, frame 145,  s.s.no. ZD145-2,  Motor info.  1/3 HP      115V  1ph. 6amp. ,
     Frame 145 type ZT,  SS  ZT145-2,  .   Qty.  3    (is1, 59B)
Electric Specialty Co. 185W  120VAC 1.56amps, Type MG353P, comp. winding, cont. duty, 3600RPM  S/N 1K7444, Motor info.  .35 HP     115VDC,4 amps, Type MT#       (is2, 59B)
Electric Specialty Co.  45W  110V  .68amp, 400 cyc. .6PF, 3 PH, duty cont.  75deg rise,    Motor info.   1/6 HP  117V 3ph. 60Hz 1.5amp.     3430 RPM, Type AS41G/AA2, No. 67J9457,  (is3, 59B)
Electrolux Corp. 500W  13 / 26 VDC   Type CAJO211444,   motor 105-130VDC  6 amps.   (is4, 59B) $200   
 Submarine Signal Co.  165W 115V  3ph.  0.4amp  0.8pf.   Motor info   1/2 HP 115V 6 amp.  1ph 60Hz, 3500 RPM 24V excitation   (is5, 59B) $100  
Continental 750 - 360 watt, AC drive 3 phase, 2 speed unit, 220V, DC out 250-120volt 3 amp.(is10, 59B) $  
Navy 1KW, 230 V DC input, 115/125V AC 60 cyc output, Navy unit about 4' long, 16" wide and high, (is13, 15D) $  
Fairbanks Morse &Co. 1.5KW  87V  1750 RPM, shunt wound generator only,   (is6, 59B) $50  
Onan 1500W  32VDC  4 amps, frame 210C85,  Model 105U3A-232/A,  Generator only (is7, 59B) $400   
EP 3KW DC 125-140V, 21 amp output, AC 5hp 240/480v 3 ph. input,   EP  like new (is12, 59B) $  
 Peerless Electric Co 4-2KW 200-100VDC 2 ampo 1750-850RPM, frame D202D,   3/4-3/8 HP 220V 3ph. 3-1.5 amp. frame PW66D   (is8, 59B) $25   
  7.5KVA, 440V, 9.8A , 3ph.output, 10HP 105-130VDC input,  Qty 1   new    (is19D) $2,500 ea.  
 Lincon 300 amp MG Welder  300amp MG Welder, ship yard torpedo style on 4 wheel cart, 3ph AC volt input, 300amp, 40volt DC output, (iw) SOLD  
Century  2 ea.  Generator End: 25 HP, 240Volt Arm, 200 Field , TypeDN, DC, SN:73615, Frame 374 Motor End:  30     HP 230/460V, 72/36 amp., 1760 RPM, 3 phase, Frame 286T, S.F. 1.15 Cont Model# 5K286AN205A (is) $600   
P.O.R = Price On Request, please call us. 253-922-6670 Fax 253-922-2258
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