We are making Fire Pits these days. I just started this page so its a work in progress

Some already built to choose from at the bottom or pick what you want from a list of options.

Natural gas or propane fueled pits are smoke free and instantly off when you close the valve

you can have a gas option and still throw on some wood when you miss the smokey flavor


  Fire Pits :    
Size Description Price Picture
18" -22"
Limited supply of light weight tank ends good for camping or
Limited supply  
Just the basic bare pit
For a little bit larger groups and parties


For commercial or party hound applications we can provide a pit vitrually any size, 60" and up
a lot!
Optional Items
My list of options keeps growing so stop in from time to time and see what is new
ConnRod Wood Grates
Wood fire grates aren't required. they look cool and provide a place for coals to build up
Basic Grate
Just some Iron to keep it off the bottom
Boot rings keeps you from acidently getting burned and a place to set your feet. Plus they look cool
Boot Ring Strap
1" Strap iron bracketed to the pit
Boot Ring cable
7/8 or 1" cable makes a pretty nice decorative ring for less work than chain
Boot Ring Chain
We weld up a ring of Chain and stick it to the outside
Gas Package
Install a threaded fitting to the center of the pit, cut more drain holes. add a diffuser, some pipe and a control valve and you will have a clean burning gas fire that is allowed even during burn bans
Propane connections if connecting to a small propane tank you need fittings, valves and adapters etc.    
Ceramic Wood

Gas alone will burn but that just doesn't seem right, ceramic wood minimum package
Ceramis wood has a lot of options, you can spend $1200 right here if you like

Artful Ideas
Still coming up with nifty designs. If you have a Gas Package and ceramis logs don't light your fire then check out the below ideas
Iron Wood
Bird Dogs are made to hold your log raft together. And look cool in the fire
Engine Iron Wood
If you are a gear head like me and my friends these with glowing red spots are pretty
Spring Iron Wood Haven't built one of these, Jumbo springs that glow in the flames
Tray with stuff
Put a Tray in your gas pit and put anything in it that you like. Pumice, Glass Beads etc.
Prop Rods
Hang some of these props to hold up your mello stick
$30 ea
Pot Holder
This cool idea hasn't been built yet, if you like to cook over your fires we can make a super duty adjustable pot holder
  Already Packaged Units, pictures and prices    
A basic 36" pit with legs, Gas package and Bird Dog Iron Wood
A 36" with captain hook legs, a chain boot ring and bird Dog Iron Wood  
This 36" pit has a Cowboy flare with horse shoes and wire rope boot ring, horse shoe iron wood, gas package with propane tank connections, schackle mount feet. Just finished
Hshoe1 Hshoe6 Hshoemovie
Built this for a buddy, whew that chain was a lot of work. chain boot ring, piston rod feet, gas, conn rod wood grate, Engine Iron Wood  
This 42" has piston feet, Cable boot ring with conn rod brackets, Gas, Engine Iron Wood